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Here We Grow Again!

Now, the same professional Tri-State coverage is available for music lessons as it is for quality piano service, and with the same quick availability and prompt scheduling that you’re used to from Amadeus Piano Co., Inc.

 Sign up now for either one of our tuition packages and join our school for either the spring, summer, or fall semesters.  Mid-semester placement is also currently available for a limited time.  



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Our School Offers:

  1. Professional, fully accredited teachers                                                                                           
  2. New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut availability
  3. Immediate teacher replacement if student is unsatisfied
  4. Student Recitals
  5. In-Home, yet Competitive setting
  6. School Newsletter
  7. Reduced Piano Maintenance Costs
  8. Piano Rentals
  9. Discount Wind and String Instruments
  10. Results, Results, Results!!!

Professional, fully accredited teachers

All the teachers affiliated with our program are certified professionals that have earned degrees with accredited schools from all over the world, from the Moscow Conservatory to the Juilliard School. While each teacher brings in his or her own methods and experiences, we all follow the same methodology of the Amadeus Conservatory of Music.  This allows for a much easier transition when a student changes teachers.

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New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut availability

We've been building our tri-state network for over a dozen years, and now we are able to offer the same quality music education on all instruments no matter where you may live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.  It's no longer necessary to spend hours on the road just to get to and from music lessons.  Get the personalized attention your child deserves.

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Immediate teacher replacement if student is unsatisfied

Chemistry between the student and teacher is not something that can be guaranteed.  We believe that every student should have a right to choose the teacher who has a compatible personality, method, etc. in order to achieve best results.  This is why we promise to find the right teacher for you.  If you're not satisfied, simply contact our office at any time during the program and we'll send you another instructor.

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Student Recitals

Each teacher's class will host performances annually or semi-annually, according to the teacher's plan for their class.  The Amadeus Conservatory of Music will provide recital space in reputable halls in the tri-state are for each performance.  At the concerts, your child will have a chance to grow with the rest of their class, alongside others in the program.

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In-Home, yet Competitive setting

Our program works in your home, but with the competitive atmosphere that your child needs in order to grow at a strong pace.

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School Newsletter

Our online publications are frequently updated for pricing and availability updates.

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Reduced Piano Maintenance Costs

You will also find discounts on virtually all aspects of music instruments, accessories, and services.

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Piano Rentals


  Short-Term Rentals:  whether you're renting a piano for a day, a week, or a month - we have a wide assortment of pianos available to meet your needs.  Unlike our competitors, when you call for a quote you get the final all-inclusive price including the instrument rental fee, round-trip moving fees, and on-site tuning - with no hidden charges.

   Long-Term Rentals:  need a piano for 6 months or more?  Save money with our long-term rental rates - you get discounted maintenance & moving and we throw in the first tuning for free!  And unlike owning a piano, you'll never have to pay for major repairs or restoration - we cover it!  And if the instrument ever approaches irreparable condition - we will provide for a replacement.

   With our "Rent w/Option to Buy" package, we will apply up to 6 months rental fees towards the purchase of the piano.  Now you can not only try before you buy, but save on expensive financing fees as well!

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Discount Wind and String Instruments

Amadeus Music Center is proud to announce that we are now an authorized U.S. dealer for the entire Amati, Cerveny, & Strunal lineup of fine musical instruments from the Czech Republic.

Amati student instruments are well know in the USA especially for their rental and school value.  Amati is famous for having the largest and well balanced assortments within the industry.  Elementary and high schools are asking more and more for Amati Flutes, Clarinets, Bassoons, Saxophones, Trumpets, Euphoniums, Tubas, and Sousaphones that demonstrate not only excellent quality, but fit within their budgets.  Amati also specializes in manufacturing of Orff and Percussion instruments for children participating in kindergarten and music therapy classes.  Aside from the instruments, Amati offers an array of parts and accessories for woodwind and brass musical instruments.

Cerveny has been making their world famous rotary valve Tubas and other rotary valve brass instruments since 1842.  Cerveny BBb Tubas are most popular among high school and university students for their beautiful European mellow sound and great craftsmanship for affordable price.

The large and well-balanced assortment of Strunal's instruments consist of student, intermediate, and professional Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Double Basses.  The student instruments accommodate any rental or school needs,   The intermediate and professional stringed instruments meet requirements of talented students who are looking for a reasonably priced step-up model.  Strunal also makes classical Guitars in five sizes, ideal for students.  These Guitars have been designed according to ergonomically correct dimension to suit the youngest students.  They have been accepted by the Childbloom guitar program.  Aside for the instruments, Strunal offers Czech Brazilwood and Pernambuco Bows and accessories.


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Results, Results, Results!!!

If we provide all the necessary elements for success, the student's path to their musical goals is that much clearer.  We believe that our system is the best because:

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One Semester  (4 months)

Once per week   (about 16 lessons)

$ 800.00

One Semester  (4 months)

Twice per week  (about 32 lessons)

$ 1,280.00





One Semester  (4 months)

Once per week   (about 16 lessons)

$ 720.00

One Semester  (4 months)

Twice per week  (about 32 lessons)

$ 1,152.00



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